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Blade Extensions is a Laravel package providing additional Blade functionality. It mainly consists out of new blade directives. Highly configurable, easily extendable.

By altering the configuration you can blacklist unwanted directives, enable/disable features or completely override directives provided by the package.

A few examples

@foreach($stuff as $key => $val)
    $loop->index;       // int, zero based
    $loop->index1;      // int, starts at 1
    $loop->revindex;    // int
    $loop->revindex1;   // int
    $loop->first;       // bool
    $loop->last;        // bool
    $loop->even;        // bool
    $loop->odd;         // bool
    $loop->length;      // int

    @foreach($other as $name => $age)
        @foreach($friends as $foo => $bar)



@set('newvar', 'value')
{{ $newvar }}


// xdebug_break breakpoints (configurable) to debug compiled views. Sweet? YES!

# Some markdown code
** with some bold text too **

// including markdown files is also possible, the markdown will be converted to html. 
// Exclude the file extension of the markdown file, similair to blade.php files

// Beside @include, View::make('path/to/markdown/file')->render() will also work (though it would be better to use the Markdown facade / markdown ioc binding


Copyright 2015 Robin Radic - MIT Licensed