1. Composer

Add the radic/blade-extensions package to your composer.json dependencies.

"require": {
    "radic/blade-extensions": "~6.0"

2. Laravel

Register the BladeExtensionsServiceProvider in your application, preferably in your config/app.php file.

'providers' => [

3. Optional: Publish config

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=Radic\BladeExtensions\BladeExtensionsServiceProvider

4. Optional: Extra features

Some features are not enabled by default as they might depend on other packages. For enabling the desired optional features, follow the installation instructions below.

Minify CSS/JS

By default, only @minify('html') works. To enable javascript and css minification, add the matthiasmullie/minify package to your composer dependencies. Blade Extensions automaticly detects the package and enables @minify('js') and @minify('css') directives. For more information, check out the directive's documentation page.

"require": {
    "matthiasmullie/minify": "~1.3"

To enable the @markdown directive or to enable the Markdown view engine (@include('') / View::make('')), add your preferred Markdown parser to your composer dependencies. By default erusev/parsedown is enabled as renderer. Check the markdown directive documentation page on how to implement custom a markdown parser.

"require": {
    "erusev/parsedown": "~1.5"
Debug output

The @debug($var) directive will either use Symfony's VarDumper or the regular var_dump method. By installing the raveren/kint package. The debug output will be greatly improved. For more information, check out this page.

"require": {
    "raveren/kint": "~1.0"

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